POLYACRYLATE TERRAZZO #801 FLOORING SYSTEM with Optional Elastomeric Membrane

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Product Description

General Polymers POLYACRYLATE TERRAZZO #801 is a specially formulated combination of acrylic polymer and modifiers used with cement and inert aggregates in combination with marble chips in a troweled mortar system. POLYACRYLATE TERRAZZO #801 is applied at 3/8" and then ground and polished to reveal the natural beauty of the aggregates to provide a decorative hard surface for interior or exterior use.

Aesthetically pleasing appearance
Short installation time
Durable and wear resistant
Chemical and stain resistant
VOC compliant
Meets and/or exceeds all NTMA and TTMAC standards
Designed for easy to clean and smooth surfaces

Commercial, Retail and Institutional facilities
Health Care, Research and Pharmaceuticals
Exterior promenades and decks