FasTop™ 12S Urethane Slurry Flooring System

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Product Description

General Polymers FasTop 12S URETHANE SLURRY SYSTEM is a low odor, self-leveling slurry to be applied at 3/16" thickness and broadcast to yield a 1/4" finished system. FasTop S can be applied with a pin rake, screed rake or flat trowel. It is designed to protect concrete, wood and steel substrates from thermal shock, impact, corrosion, mild chemical attack and abrasion.  A decorative quartz broadcast may be specified as FasTop 12S-U1 an upgrade to the standard system.


Rapid cure and hardness development
Low Odor
Hot cooking oil resistance
Low temperature cure
Impact resistant
Moisture insensitive
Resistant to:

28 Day Exposure @ 72F Result

Alcohol  NE
Ethylene Glycol  NE
Fats, Oils & Sugars  NE
Gasoline Diesel & Kerosine  NE
Hydrochloric Acid (<35%)  NE
Lactic Acid (Milk)  NE
Mineral Oils  NE
Most Organic Solvents  NE
Muriatic Acid  NE
Nitric Acid (<10%)  NE
Nitric Acid (<30%)  Slight Softening
PM Acetate  NE
Phosphoric Acid (<50%)  NE
Potassium Hydroxide (<50%)  NE
Sodium Hydroxide (<50%)  NE
Sulfuric Acid (<50%)  Slight Gloss Loss
Water  NE
Xylene  NE


Food processing kitchens
Commercial kitchens
Food and Beverage plants
Sugar processing plants
Meat and Poultry plants
Restrooms and Concession stands