Aircraft Hangar WB Coating

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Product Description
General Polymers AquArmor MCS High Build Hangar Flooring System is designed to provide an 1/8" thick. high gloss, easy to maintain floor finish in a hangar or industrial environment. The unique AquArmor technology offers a fast, environmentally friendly installation that is not susceptible to problems associated with moisture in the concrete. The high performance polyurethane finish coat is resistant to staining and chemical attack from airplane fluids such as jet fuel, acids, alkalies, grease, de-icing salts and Skydrol.

• No moisture readings necessary
• Breatheable
• Rapidly installed
• Water based, Low odor
• Seamless
• Easy to clean
• Good chemical resistance
• Can be applied to "green" concrete
• 100 times the permeability of standard epoxy floor systems
• Water clean up
• Gloss finish

•Aircraft hangars
•Manufacturing floors