Color Selection

We strive to provide our customers with an unlimited selection of color. When selecting a color not included in any of our standard color selection, use the Sherwin-Williams color fan deck. This is based upon paint and epoxy pigments. We cannot always match Pantone (PMS) colors, as those are for ink chemistries. Not all products are available in all colors, please refer to individual product literature to confirm color availability.

It is in everyone's best interest to request a sample from the flooring contractor prior to initiating the installation of the system. This process allows all parties to fully appreciate the finished texture and color of the specified system. General Polymers system samples are available for visual inspection and color selection only. The samples are not meant to be exact representations of the specified systems.

When requesting samples, please allow an additional three to ten working days for preparation of dry samples containing custom colors or modified system design.

The local terrazzo contractor generally makes epoxy terrazzo samples. General Polymers will provide the specified epoxy resin color and the terrazzo contractor will source the various aggregates desired. Because the chip density of traditional thin-set epoxy terrazzo is in excess of 70% surface coverage, your overall look and color is dependent upon the marble chips and marble dust.